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Corsetra's sewing diary

sewing while the baby sleeps

This is corsetra's sewing journal.
Here you will find musings, research, progress and (hopefully) completion of various costumes.
Also cloth dolls and their costumes, soft sculptured dragons, and maybe a quilt or two.
Occasionally my mundane life sneaks in. and I have been known to be ranty and snarky.

I mod two communities here on LJ
garb_the_child which is about pre 1600 clothing for children
hist_kid_cloths which is all eras clothing for Maternity, Nursing, and Children

I am a mother of three the eldest boy is called Munchkin 2006, the younger boy is called Bear (TJ) 2008, the girl is called Kitten (K)2010. The hubby is called Cat.

We live in the S.F. bay area of California, USA, but are both Washingtonians by birth.
I do 16th century and every winter Dickens (1840-60)

This journal is kind of a dumping grounds for my various research interests. Chief among them are Historical Maternity and Nursing (as in breastfeeding) clothing, Children's clothing, and Historical Corsetry, with keen interest in regency, and skeleton styles.

I DO NOT make clothing for sale.

I do have an ETSY shop for de-stash though.